About Me

“Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends” – Kate Spade


I’m Reitu – an MBA grad, driven & inspired by the ever dynamic fashion world. As a child, I always loved dressing up and loved taking pictures from my Kodak camera. As I grew up, the desire to channelise my creativity and energy towards fashion and styling grew within me too. I got to admit that planning on how to style a particular outfit and discovering little nuances of fashion & lifestyle, have kept me sane through tough times.

This blog is my sincere attempt to document all of my styling ideas while I talk about fashion and all its nitty-gritty. A woman could be both classy and quirky at the same time and “Pearl Jazz” symbolises exactly that. Your style is the expression of your personality and perception of fashion. My personal style is not limited to a certain outfit or look, since I love experimenting every now and then. However, I don’t believe in following trends blindly either.

Hope you like and enjoy my work. You may disagree with me at times and I would love to hear your opinions (both good & bad).

Looking forward to talking fashion with you all.