Euphoric Mcleodganj 2.0

Travel is not only about exploring the world and falling in love with it, but it is also about finding yourself and falling in love with your own soul!

First of all, apologies for the delay in posting this blog! Sometimes, life takes over your planning and you have no option but to bow down to it! (well, nothing as serious as I sound; just got busy with some unscheduled work randomly popping up! Haha) But, nonetheless, here’s the second part of my Mcleodganj visit and hoping you would like it! 🙂

Second day of the trip was a little tiring as we ended up visiting a lot of places in the town while walking up/down long miles and also shopping happily along! Let me take you through my day quickly.

What I saw:

We started off our day early in the morning with a mini trek to Bhagsu Fall. Well, it wasn’t really a trek, but walking uphill (and that too on steep stairs) is indeed a task! We chose to go there early morning to avoid the sun and to catch a breakfast table at Shiva Café, situated about 500-700 meters above the fall. The fall is not something you haven’t seen before, but the experience is the one you take home with a smile. Also, the view of the valley is quite beautiful as you walk up till the fall. After finishing up with our breakfast, we headed to the picturesque HPCA cricket stadium in Dharamshala and boy, were we not bowled over by this little beauty. The stadium is quite colourful and smaller than most of the famous stadiums in the world but is worth the visit. The view of the Dhauladhar range from the ground is just breathtaking. There is no entry fee and they keep one section of the seating area open for the visitors most of the time. After we were done with the stadium, we went back to Mcleodganj and visited one of the oldest churches in India, St. John’s Church! It’s a huge building with lush green surroundings where you can sit and relax for hours. Our last point was Naddi Village which also happens to be the highest point in the town. You could go there to catch a glimpse of the sunset while sipping on some hot tea and coffee. We ended the day with some local shopping. While Mcleodganj boasts of a huge local market, let me warn you the sellers would give you a hard time in bargaining; so, brush up your negotiation skills! You get a wide variety of home décor items here and junk jewellery as well! However, I didn’t buy them as I could have found similar things in Delhi and saved myself some extra luggage. I did buy some Afghani pieces for dirt cheap prices and the traditional wall hangings and Tibetan flags. They also have home-made scented oils which smelled quite good. I also bought the prayer bells for my home.

What I ate:

As I mentioned above, our breakfast was at Shiva Café! Now, if you are expecting them to serve you some mind-boggling delicacies, you might be a tad disappointed. However, I would recommend this place to everyone who visits Mcleodganj. It takes another mini trek to reach up there but it’s totally worth it! The captivating scenery from the café, the cool vibes about the whole place constitute an experience in itself. They have Lord Shivas paiting done on their walls and poster of Bob Marley inside the café too! (wink). We spent a good two hours here unwinding ourselves and playing with an adorable and over-energetic little pup. You could order eggs and tea/coffee here to pacify your taste buds. Our next destination was Nick’s Italian Café which is on the main road that leads toBhagsu Falls. It’s a huge place with free wifi (grin) and awesome Italian food being served. We ordered for some thin crust pizzas and cheese lasagna and were left only wanting for more. Also recommended are some home made cakes and brownies. Dinner was at Tibetan Kitchen again as we wanted to devour on some last Tibetan meals.

What I wore:

As we started off our day, early morning, I made sure I was wearing adequate yet appropriate layers of clothes to protect myself from cold! I wore a striped dress from Vero Moda with a thick pink shirt dress, from Alia Bhatt for Jabong, that acted as a cover-up! I also wore thick stockings and boots to make it a comfortable walk. The weather in Mcleodganj was hotter than our expectation with cool mornings and nights and so, light layering made the best choice! I’m a minimalist when it comes to accessories while travelling, so I left it fuss free with my Ray Ban aviators and Fossil watch. An effective travel style for me always! 🙂

Hope you guys liked this post. Do comment and let me know what you thought and if you have any kind of special requests which I could cover here. Would love to actually 🙂

Until the next one,

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Shirt dress: Alia Bhatt for Jabong, Striped dress: Vero Moda, Boots: My Foot Couture

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