Euro Trip – III

Welcome to the final part of the Euro trip series! After Switzerland, our next destination was this gorgeous little town called Innsbruck in Austria. Sadly, I got only one day to spend here but from what I saw, I’m definitely going back to explore more.

Our first stop was in Wattens where we visited the magnificent world of Swarovski crystal. The museum is amazing and they have done some fantabulous crystal work to say the least. Also, they have a huge shop with amazing collections and I felt the prices were a tad cheaper than that in India. So yeah, I did buy few earrings and other stuff from there!




Next, we drove for an hour to reach Innsbruck and I immediately fell in love with this dainty little town. The town is painted with the brightest of colours and the happiest of people. With music playing in every little corner, you just feel like sitting at one of their eateries and never go back home. The city’s most famous landmark is the Goldenes Dachl, which means the golden roof in English, and was built in the 1500.

I literally lost my heart to this place. The people looked so happy and content, the weather perfect and the architecture amusing and I was mesmerized.




The next three days were a tad hectic for us with three different cities to visite. We drove from Innsbruck to Venice in about three hours, which has been like a dream destination for me for ages. Now the weather in Italy was way hotter from that in Austria or even Switzerland/Paris for that matter. I guess that contributed in making us a little jaded in Italy.

Venice is a beautiful city on the sea, with 117 islands forming a part of it. It is definitely one of the most romantic and gorgeous locations out there in the world. We took a motor boat ride to reach the main commercial islands and I got to admit, I had never seen so many people at one place in my entire European trip so far. The population of Italy is much more than that of Austria or Switzerland; so that explains it!

In Venice, we spent most of our time at the Piazza San Marco aka the St. Mark’s Square, admiring the beautiful architecture. We also went to a glass museum where they showed us how they make those real glasses. And last but not the least, we did the famous Gondola ride.

What I wore: I paired a coral strappy top from Vero Moda with a grey Tulip skirt from Zalora. I finished out my look with a pair of black boots.




We stayed overnight at this beautiful resort in Bologna which is a half-way point from Venice and Pisa.

Next day we went to visit the famous Leaning tower of Pisa. The monument, also known as the bell tower, stands 60 meters tall and is one of the four important buildings in the complex, called Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza dei Miracol. 

PS I spotted a wedding at the Cathedral in the complex and that was my aww moment of the day!

What I Wore: I wore a white tube dress from Vero Moda to match with the white backdrop. (Just kidding, it wasn’t intentional!) I wore the dress with a pair of flats and golden danglers.




After a fulfilling but tiring day in Pisa, we drove towards Rome, our last destination.

Rome, as you all is one of the most important historic cities in the world. Their buildings are at least a 1000 year old and the entire city speaks of the Roman history. It is nor possible to cover the entire city in a day or two; so, I’ll suggest you keep 3-4 days at least for this city, specially those who are inclined towards historical stories.

I visited the famous St. Peter’s Church situated in The Vatican City first. I was awestruck by the huge and magnificent architecture of the whole place.  Fortunately, the holy door (which is opened once in every 25 years) was open at the time we visited.  Also, do remember that you need to cover you shoulders and knees when you enter the church. So remember to wear a suitable outfit!

After that, we moved to have lunch at some place and then walked towards the Colosseum, the world’s largest ever amphitheater. They say the Colosseum could seat more than 50000 people at a time. However, due to natural calamities half of the portion is not ruined or broken. Still, it is one of the world’s top amusement sites.

In the evening we visited the Trevi Fountain, what I still call my favorite part of Rome. This fountain, also known as the Wishing Fountain, is one of the most famous spots in Rome. They say you are supposed to make a wish and throw a coin in the fountain over your back and yes, as touristy as it sounds, I also ended up doing it!

The streets nearby are flooded with Gelato shops, cafes and more. You could also do some shopping here. Also, not to miss are the artisans of the streets selling you their work. This was a perfect place for us to bid adieu to this wonderful trip.

What I wore: I wore a halter neck maxi with black and white geometric designs all over it and paired them with flats as we had to do a lot of walking. Hair in a top knot (the hot weather derived) and red lips completed my look.





So, hope you liked my travel-cum-fashion blog feature on Europe. If you plan to visit any of these places anytime soon, and have a query or two, shoot all those here and ask. Alternatively, you could send me mails too! 🙂

Until next time,

Stay stylish, stay fabulous,



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