Euro Trip – Part I


If you have been following on social media, you know I went for a short yet beautiful  tour of Europe in July. After planning and delaying it for long, here am I with my travelogue, sharing my experience from the beautiful Paris. Hope you guys enjoy it!

We took a flight from Delhi to Paris which hopped at Dubai midway. After checking in at out hotel (Holiday-Inn), we drove towards the main city to visit some of the main highlights of the beautiful city. The first stop was Arc De Triomph – a monument which celebrates the French Imperial army of Napoleon. It instantly reminds you of India Gate and we being the Indians that we are (and as lame as it sounds), had to crack a couple of jokes about it to our fellow French peeps there.

Arc De Triomphe


The 50 feet high monument was completed only after Napoleon’s death and his remains were passed through the walls of the historical structure.

Next in our itinerary was Les Invalides,  built by Louis XIV to accommodate all the homeless and wounded soldiers of his army. The highlight of the building is its golden dome on top which shines majestically at night. The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte has also been kept here.

After driving in the city in the peak morning hours, we took a halt at one of the streets of the city which I’m not able to recall at the moment. We actually stopped at the famous Opera Garnier, took a few snaps and headed to one of the restaurants nearby to have our lunch.

Coming to the food, I survived mainly on vegetarian sandwiches there though our tour manager had booked tables for us at some Indian restaurants too. Also, don’t miss french desserts especially the macaroons and french wines. They are a must.

Eiffel Tower, 2nd floor
View from the second floor, Eiffel Tower

In the evening, we went to the see the most iconic wonder of the world – The Eiffel Tower. There was a huge queue to enter the tower but the beautiful weather with cold breeze blowing made the wait worthwhile for us. I would like to think we were lucky that they were allowing entry to the topmost floor (at a height of 276 mts) as I have heard it’s not always open and most people get to go up to the second floor only.

Eiffel tower, which is known as the Queen of Paris at night is also called the Monster of Paris in daytime because of his huge metallic structure which was often criticized by many in the past.  The 325 meter tall tower derives its name from its architect, Gustave Eiffel and still remains one of the 7 wonders of the world.

A peaceful dinner marked the end of our first day in the beautiful city of Paris. I had to admit I rarely had a bad looking guy or a girl in this fashionable city; everybody was so well dressed with most of them sporting black leather jackets (I wonder why) and other neutral shades. Also, the city has a lot of vintage buildings and even the apartments are not very tall. This has been purposely done so as to keep the Eiffel Tower in focus.

Our second day began with a drive through the banks of river Seine where we crossed the romantic bridge and other famous places. We stopped at Concorde Square to take a few pictures and then we set afoot to visit a French perfume museum. The museum had a collection of very very old perfumes and we were explained the process of how they actually make them.

Concorde Square



The next stop was at Louvre (Palais du Louvre).

We were again greeted with a long queue to enter the museum (Tip: Don’t visit these places in the holiday season). As you all must know, the museum is famous for being the home of the renowned Mona Lisa painting; though I could never understand the hype about it – may be, because my interest and knowledge of Arts are not too deep.




After Louvre, we headed to the Montparnasse Tower, one of the very few skyscrapers in the city of Paris. At 210 meters, it is the second tallest skyscraper after Tour First. The building has basically office spaces with a restaurant on top (the 56th floor) of it where you can enjoy the view of the entire city with a glass of champagne and I would definitely  suggest you to go to the topmost floor and do the same.

We did a one hour River Seine cruise in the evening, witnessing the magnificent beauty of Paris. The cruise takes you under about 22 bridges and gives you another breathtaking view of the entire city and the historical monuments. It’s a must do for all the visitors.

To end the tightly scheduled yet beautiful day, we took an evening tour of Paris and visited the historical Notre Dame Cathedral, street markets, Eiffel tower, Louvre and other places. The city looked even more stunning with all the buildings lit up at night. Even when we kept hopping from one place to another, we didn’t feel jaded at all; may be it was because of the lovely weather that didn’t let us wear out.

Outfit Details

On Day 1, I was wearing a grey sweatshirt from Sugar Box, denims from Mango and white sneakers from Reebok. 

Day 2, I decided to layer my peplum bottomed shift dress (Mango) with a jacket from Vero Moda. The blue shoes are from Zara. I had deliberately kept the look monotone with different shades of blue forming a part of the ensemble. As it became cold towards the evening, I did a double layer by adding a blue overcoat from Only.

So, that’s all I had to share about Paris. It’s a lively and mesmerizing place and literally made me fall in love with itself. Due to my tight itinerary, I had only couple of days in the city but I do recommend you all to stay for at least a couple of days more and explore the city better and also pay a visit to Disney Land, which we couldn’t because of the time crunch.

I’ll be back with another edition of my Europe trip soon. So, stay tuned you guys.

Until next time,

Stay stylish, stay fabulous,


Montparnasse Tower
Notre Dame Cathedral
River Seine Cruise


This beauty at night!

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