Euro Trip – Part II

I’m back with the second edition of my Europe blog and this time, I’ll be taking you around the mesmerizing Swiss Alps. So, let’s goooo!


From Paris, we drove for 700 kilometers to our next destination which was surrounded by Swiss Alps. The small town of Engelberg is as beautiful as its lush green mountains or the clear blue sky. Just as we entered the town, mild showers welcomed us, making us fall in love with the quaint little town even more.

We stayed over at this dainty mountain resort called The Terrace. The beautiful nights strolls we took around the resort are still so fresh in my mind.

On Day 1, we visited Jungfrau, the highest point in Europe at a height of approximately 11,300 ft. , also known as the Top of Europe. There is a cogwheel train that takes you up there in about 2 hours of time and the journey is something you would not want to miss. The entire Jungfrau trip was an experience of a lifetime and if given, I’d definitely not miss going up there again.

Jungfrau also has an ice palace which is, as obvious, made up of ice. There’s a bollywood themed restaurant and a Lindt shop as well up there (Switzerland and Bollywood go back a long way!). I would advise you to keep munching chocolates or something sweet to acclimatize yourself to the low level of oxygen.





We spent close to 2-3 hours up there and then took the cogwheel train back to the town.

We also visited Interlaken and this town is so full of life. Sitting pretty amidst the Swiss Alps, this small town (also a Bollywood favourite) plays host to a lot of adventurous activities as well. You could well spend a day or two in the city and explore it on your own (highly recommended)! Also, don’t forget to click a picture with those red Telephone Booths! *wink*

What I wore: I wore a white blouse tucked in my blue denims from Dorothy Perkins (DP jeans fit so well – you all must try). As the temperature up was cold, I covered myself with a blue overcoat from Only. Black boots from My Foot and my go-to Ray Ban aviators finished out my look.


So on our second day in Engelberg, we set afoot to visit Mt. Titlis – another of the mountain peaks at a height of about 10,000 ft. Unlike Jungfrau where we had to take the cogwheel train to reach on top, here we had a shorter journey in a cable car.

Now, the weather at Mt. Titlis was much more pleasant and hence, we ended up exploring more and having more fun. On the top, there’s an ice flyer which we took a ride in. The cliff walk was a little scary but definitely worth it. Also, I must mention there’s a poster of DDLJ on the main entrance of the open space on the top and you should defintely go and get a picture clicked to show it to your hommies. *wink* Guess, Switzerland is a true Bollywood home.

We had our lunch at this cute little restaurant at Level 1 where the cable car stops. It has a very beautiful open terrace and gives you a breath-taking view of the surroundings. Highly recommended, again!




After Mt. Titlis, we were headed to Zurich, our last destination in the country. On our way, we took a halt at Lucerne to shop some Swiss chocolates and souvenirs. I recommend trying out Bachmann for sure.

What I wore: I wore a black basic tee from Guess with my denims and layered them with a lavender faux leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins. White sneakers from Reebok and green reflectors from Polaroid completed my look.





Zurich, the financial capital of the country is much more happening and populated as well. We spent our evening by the flower clock and the Lake Zurich and departed to our hotel (Novotel) for dinner and a good night sleep.

Next day, it was time to visit the famous Rhine Falls, an hour drive from the city. Unfortunately, due to high tide there was no boating going on and so, we just took a walk around the falls in the sunny afternoon and also had chai at one of the cafes with Indian chefs. Switzerland is not only for Bollywood guys!

What I wore: A crochet tank top from Forever 21 paired with a mint blue Vero Moda skirt and a blush pink boyfriend blazer from Dorothy Perkins. I finished out the look with brown flats and pink drop earrings.



So, that’s all about my Switzerland story. It’s such a picturesque place; all the pictures we took in this country looked like a painting or a postcard and I’m not exaggerating!

For now, get excited for the last leg of the Europe series and until then,

Stay stylish, stay fabulous,

Reitu ❤️

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