Garden in my dress!

How many times does it happen that you find an entire garden in a dress and fall in love with it? Well, it sure as hell happened with me when I stumbled upon this beautiful summer outfit on It looked like a palette of all the colours on earth and my soul was overjoyed.

Okay, you may think of me as going overboard with the love for it but I’m most definitely in control of my senses. I love florals and I love colours and this outfit screamed “happy vibes” to me; like some of them do, you know!

Also, it’s a midi length dress, with a volume perfect for any casual event and has pockets on both the sides! I couldn’t have asked for more. It looked like a perfect outfit, just carved out from a forest and given to me. *grins*

All right! Enough with my love for the dress; I was just trying to convey to you what a perfect dress for me would be like, in case any of you ever decides to gift me one! *bigger grin*

Now let’s talk about the outfit and styling in detail, shall we?

At first, I thought it’s just a skirt but it actually came with a green shirt on top of it. A voluminous printed bottom and a green buttoned shirt, connected and sealed by a bucket waist.

Bucket waists have been so popular lately and I’m more than just digging them. The only problem I found with this one was that you need to really iron it properly for it to retain its shape. As you can see, it did fall down in my case at times. *facepalm*

One of the many reasons I had fallen in love with this outfit at first sight, was also its beautiful floral print. The print is busy for sure and the outfit does scream “too many colours for your eyes” but still, it manages to avoid venturing into the too-much category, gloriously. There is still a balance among the colours and those big prints are summery gorgeous. However, I reckon over accessorizing would have definitely killed the look and raised some eyebrows. In order to avoid it, I let the outfit be the complete highlight by not adding any jewellery piece to the look. A tan sling bag and sandals were all it took me to complete this look. (also, my favourite watch and a pair of clear glasses I have been recently hooked to)

Dress: Vajor, Shoes & Bag: Koovs, Glasses: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors                                                       Shot by: Ashish Kavi

Did you enjoy this outfit post? I’m all ears to know, so please (pretty please) pour down your thoughts below.

Until next time,

Stay stylish, stay fabulous,

Reitu ♥


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