Walk like there are three men walking behind you ” ~ Oscar De La Renta

I decided to begin with this quote today as this is the exact feeling I have when I’m dressed up in a formal suit. Power dressing as they call it, is a pair of suits to me.

Now, I’m in no way implying that a certain style of dressing could only make you look and feel powerful and confident but they definitely are not mutually exclusive.

So today I opted to dress up in a cobalt blue suit from Zara wondering why I didn’t do it before on the blog.


Those of you who know me, also know it very well that I love colours and even the spirit of fall season can not take it away from me. I love wearing solid and bright hues even in fall because I never believed there’s any set rule to choosing colours in any season.

As a matter of fact, jewel tones are a great hit this season.

Anyway, coming back to the look – a little bit of my inspiration behind this look is also credited to Deepika Padukone’s ultra violet power suit look at Cannes last year where I think she absolutely nailed it. A bright and rich hued suit definitely makes quite an impact and to my joy, I found this suit (two separate pieces) on Zara.

The outfit did not call for any kind of accessorising / jewellery but I did enjoy adding a red belt bag on my blazer. In my reckoning, it just gave the look a tad more drama and edge. Also the contrast played quite well in my favour too. What do you think?

I finished out the look with a plain black pumps and red lips. I’d have also added a wrist watch or a tiny gold bracelet detail herein.


Blazer: Zara (Buy here) | Trousers: Zara (Buy here) | Shoes: Intoto (Buy similar here) | Belt bag: Zara (Buy here)

Fortunately, this look is still available on Zara and I have linked all the three pieces above, so you could check them out.

Do you also feel the power behind suiting up? Let me know what you thought about this look in the comments section below.

Until next time,

Stay stylish, Stay fabulous,

Reitu ♥

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