Summer delight: Rose Cafe

Quaint little cafes always grab my attention and when I heard about Rose café – the one with pink brick walls, I knew I had to make a visit there!

About the café:

The café is situated just behind the Saket metro station at about five minutes walking distance from there and unless you are wearing your pink sunglasses on, you might just over look it (Just kidding). The entrance boasts of a pretty pink painted wall with teal doors inviting you in. The whole place is like a pastel delight for people like me and I couldn’t stop admiring the decor of the entire place. A door also opens up in an outdoor garden area which is the extension of the cafe. You just can’t shut your eyes to the artistically done up walls with the beautiful pastel shades of pink and teal. They have wooden furniture painted in white which give you a vintage-y vibe. What I categorically adored about the décor was the use of pretty little yet common objects like English crockery, bird cages, fairy lights etc. This place is unquestionably ideal for a fun girls get together. However, if your men friends do not particularly associate all things pink and pastels to being ‘girly’, and let’s face it, are as cool as you are when you watch Wrestlemania and IPL together, they would not mind too. *wink*

The restaurant serves continental, Lebanese and Italian food with some appetizing dessert options. Their menu is spread across teal hued hard-pages which also include some vegan food. You must have their cakes, sundaes, shakes and iced-teas. They claim all of them to be freshly prepared/baked and they also serve some home-made gelatos though we were too cramped up to binge on them. We ordered for a couple of iced-teas along with a cottage cheese steak and shepherd’s pie. The cottage cheese steak was filled in with spinach, cheese and mushroom and was probably the best steak I had ever had (vegetarian of course). Shepherd’s pie was actually baked lasagna and was equally delectable. We contained our sweet tooth with a Sundae and were left only wanting for more. Alas! We had wishes which weren’t well received by our body. Lol! Oh, they also serve some wine at the restaurant! Another reason to plan your next get-together now, may be!

What I wore:

If you have had a look at my pictures, you might wonder if I deliberately coordinated my outfit with the café’s décor. Haha! Not really! I had to no idea I would end up picking colours so similar to the place. Pastel was always on my mind as it was a pleasant Sunday morning! Let me tell you that all these clothing pieces are at least a year old, though I have probably not worn them once as well! (Things a good wardrobe clean-up could do to you!) Mint blue and powder pink make for a combination I would wear without a second thought. When I found this mint blue Vero Moda skirt which I had never worn, I was instantly reminded of my pastel pink Koovs cape-top. I paired them and the ensemble looked just as pretty as I imagined it to be. Accessorizing pastel outfits is an important step as well. The key is to always use subtle things and avoid anything loud or too bright. I decided to wear my pearl neckpiece which I bought from Vero Moda too in December 2015. Finishing off my look was this beautiful pink bag from Dorothy Perkins. When you’re colour-blocking using pastel shades, always opt for neutral shades such as beige or white or taupe in terms of accessories. Don’t go for black/brown or any bright colour which may look harsh with the rest of the look. The other option is to pick up a shade from your outfit only like I did for my bag, without over-using it as it might look too match-y.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much I loved covering it. If you have any special requests/restaurants or any other place you would want me to blog about, do let me know in the comments below! Also, comment and tell me how you liked the look. I do hope you make a visit to this place soon enough and share your experience with me on this blog or my instagram. (P.S. follow me on instagram at pearljazz_reitu if you haven’t already).

Until next one,

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Cape-top: Koovs, Skirt: Vero Moda, Bag: Dorothy Perkins, Pearl necklace: Vero Moda

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