Of Tinted Glasses and Unfiltered Souls!

…she had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippe, the spirit of a fairy…” ~ unknown

Behind all those filtered pictures on Instagram, lies a soul wanting to break free.. from this mundane world, the artificial talks, the masked faces! There’s a need to be extra (in social media terminology) and there’s FOMO (fear of missing out – again thanks to social media). There’s a tremendous competition for education and jobs while the most powerful people ruling the world might be the most corrupted too. On the other hand, there’s also a fast growing feminism fighting for equal opportunities and power and against sexual abuses and there are men coming in support of us too. May be, we need both good things and bad to keep that balance maintained in the universe but is that all? What about a life beyond these problems, a life about being grateful for this beautiful world that we are part of? What about living without any boundaries, speaking without any filters, and doing exactly what your heart wants you to?

There’s a societal pressure of being everywhere, knowing everything, looking your best and speaking politically correct things. In all these mad chaotic life, sometimes I dream of living without the things that we invented for our own selves, and forget about all the problems I might have because they really are trivial. I’m not saying I don’t contribute to this made-up society, but I’m sure within all of us, there’s another soul who craves for an unfiltered life. Till that time comes, we will continue seeing it through our tinted glasses.


I feel rather content ranting a little and speaking my heart out here and now that I’m almost done, it’s time to get into the details of the look!

I created this look keeping comfort, style and a gypsy vibe in my mind. I like wearing bohemian or something hippie once in a while and there’s always a different sort of happy vibe I draw from them. And of course, I couldn’t resist these gorgeous and hippie yellow tinted sun glasses to begin with. *wink*

Lately, I have been loving paper-bag waists a lot. There’s something about them and they definitely add that extra zing to your look, whether it’s a skirt or a pair of trousers.

As you all know Ultra Violet was announced the colour of 2018 by Pantone and since then, I have been rummaging through all my wardrobes and suitcases to find all my violet outfits (not that I want to be cool by sporting it and showing it off, but because I wanted to check if I actually have violet in plenty or not, since I love almost all the colours) and found this pretty printed cape from Rheson. 

Now, coming back to the look. I bought this really cool mustard hued paper-bag trousers from Koovs recently and immediately thought of what a good contrast it would be against my violet cape. I paired a white plain tank top with the trousers and added the cape and I was all ready to roll for the evening. Now, the look might have been a little inspired from a gypsy girl but I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and here, I decided to wear none. The fancy yellow tinted sunglasses were a great pair of accessories in itself in my reckoning.

I didn’t want the look to lose it’s charm by adding some sophisticated heels, so I opted for tan wedges to go with them. A matching tan sling bag finished out the look perfectly.


Kimono: Rheson (Buy here) | Trousers: Ridress (Buy here) | Shoes: Steve Madden (Buy similar here) | Sunglasses: SheIn (Buy here)

Tell me how did you like the whole look and also about how you (want to) break free and keep yourself among the chaos.

Until next time,

Stay stylish, stay fabulous,

Reitu ♥

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