Weekend at Dadhikar Fort

A couple of months back, we had a sudden urge to drive away from the city for a brief escape. I had come to know about Dadhikar Forts through few friends and social media of course and thought of exploring them. Since I have been to Neemrana before, (another fort-hotel near Delhi for people who do not know) I kind of had my doubts whether it would be as good. But since this fort was a little farther from Neemrana and we really needed a good drive, we zeroed in on Dadhikar itself. Who doesn’t love exploring new places anyway!

This heritage hotel is located near Alwar city in a village called Dadhikar. It is a small property of 20-25 rooms and is just the perfect place if you wish to run away from your chaotic and mundane city life with the liberty of only a weekend! (sigh!)

The drive on NH-8 was beautiful and we took close to 3 hours to reach the place (our start point being Gurgaon); only the last 7 odd kilometers into the village are a little rocky but I’m sure you can adjust that much to get yourself some beautiful heritage feels.

We were immediately escorted to our room upon reaching the hotel. All the rooms have been given separate names; ours was Kadli bhavan and it was one of those rooms with an opening to the terrace. The decor of the rooms breathes Rajasthani heritage and history with vintage switch boards, windows and what not! Mind you, there’s no television in the room (and I loved it even more – TVs on vacations are a big thumbs down for me) and so, you are left to yourself for entertainment.

The stupendous artists at their work

After getting a tour of the entire property and admiring the breathtaking view of the mighty Aravalis, we settled ourselves down for some Rajasthani music & dance in the evening. I must say we enjoyed the one hour show thoroughly; I have always had a penchant for the rich culture that Rajasthan inherits and the artists lived up to my expectations completely.

Now coming to the food – we were served some delicious Rajasthani cuisine for dinner while lunch was completely North Indian as well. I would have also liked some continental and American breakfast in the menu and that’s where I felt a tad disappointed. Nonetheless, the food was really good but not something which will blow you mind away (may be, because I have had some amazing Rajasthani cuisine before).

Coming to Dadhikar fort would naturally make you draw a comparison with Neemrana fort; Dadhikar fort hotel is not as huge as Neemrana and the main difference is I reckon the history associated with it. Dadhikar was actually made as a residential camp 1100 years ago. The restoration into a hotel started in the year 1997 and I believe, everything was made from the scratch. Neemrana ‘s history dates back to 1464 and an actual restoration of the palace-fort to a luxurious hotel took place, which is why the palace has a more natural rustic feel to it.

Also coming to the food, Dadhikar doesn’t serve anything non-vegetarian; just in case you really can’t do without them on your travel (I know some of you really do!). Also, a major thing that I missed was a swimming pool. Neemrana has a beautiful pool overlooking the village nearby but unfortunately, Dadhikar fort does not.


That’s the beautiful view of the Aravalis from the terrace.
The terrace – some of the rooms are directly connected to them and so, make sure you opt for one! Ours was 🙂

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend escape for us. Here’s where you can find out more about the hotel – Dadhikar Fort

Let me know if you have any queries otherwise too and gear up for a fashion blogpost which would be up tomorrow!

Until then,

Stay stylish, stay fabulous,

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