The White-Washed Life

An all-white look has an inexplicable charm and power associated with it. Come summers and all I think about is how to incorporate whites in my outfit but it’s kind of easy since white has always been such an indispensable part of my wardrobe. Today, I’m giving you an insight on how to carry an all-white look in summers in this blog post.

Apart from my go-to and easy breezy white dresses, I love pairing a white blouse and white denims for a monochrome look in summers. However, as I mentioned in my earlier posts, I’m, sort of, on a mission to #ditchthedenims this season and hence came into picture, these chic paper bag trousers from Naomi Code.

If you have been following my style files, you might have noticed my obvious love for paper-bag or bucket-waist trousers. They are chic, smart and such a summer-friendly piece; something you all must invest in, this season! Naomi Code has quite a few of them, so do check them out in case you’re looking for one!

I paired my white trousers with a high-neck white blouse and wore a black fanny pack (belt bag) to break the monotony. This could be a great DIY jumpsuit for all of you too – just pick up two similar patterned/printed pieces and or you could go for two same colour top and bottom wear too. I usually love wearing monotone looks like these and adding another neutral colour as an accessory to bring the balance.

Now, let’s talk a little about the popular fanny pack trend that has carved its way back into the fashion world.

Fanny packs are back with a bang!

When I initially saw pictures of them all over on social media, I was a tad irked and appalled too. I never found them appealing to be honest and was secretly praying the trend to die soon. However, what is fashion if you don’t try out different trends and make it practicable and stylish (even if it is something you detest, Lol!) So even when I thought I would never own any of those fanny packs, I succumbed and bought one last month. Well, I wouldn’t really say I have become a fan but I have found a way to work them out as a belt more than a bag.

I use them over a casual dress which needs to be cinched a little on the waist or on my high-waisted trousers or pants. It’s actually rather cool to be out there without carrying anything on your shoulders or arms for once. Please raise your hands if you can relate too. Lol!!

The ultra-slim glasses trend – love it or hate it?

Okay, so another trend that you can identify in this look is the ultra-slim cat-eyed glasses one. Rihanna was the first one to sport these glasses last year and everyone (including the big brands) had to follow suit. However,  I shall pass on this one – not for me! I just had to see why everyone is going gaga about it and hence, incorporated them in my blog here. Need to hear it from you guys too! What do you think?


I finished out the look with a pair of gold-disc earrings which I find too jazzy and black sling-back kitten heels from Zara which I absolutely adore.

Top: Koovs (Sold out) | Paants: Naomi Code (Buy similar here) | Earrings: Stylefiesta (Buy here) | Bag: SheIn (Buy similar here) | Shoes: Zara (Buy here) | Sun Glasses: SheIn (Buy here).

So let’s talk about the new trends and this whole look I created in the comments section below. Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time,

Stay stylish, Stay fabulous,

Reitu ♥

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